A guide to men’s wedding ring styles

Wedding rings are the outward symbol of a wedding ceremony. While it is a personal choice to wear one, there are varying styles for men to choose from. Men’s rings can be styled in a wide array of ways depending on the type of ring you choose. They can be plain and simple, or more ornate, with intricate designs and wording. Some men prefer to have the occasional diamond or gemstone set into their ring to make it more unique.  This article will discuss how these rings differ, and how to pick the right style for you. Metal & Materials – The first difference between a man’s wedding ring and a woman’s is that men tend to wear sterling silver as their ring materials. Rings made out of gold, platinum, or rhodium are also used. Different metals have different properties. Silver has a high purity and a low melting temperature. The downside to this type of ring is that it will tarnish, and will not be as durable as gold or platinum.  Therefore, if you are looking for something more durable and long lasting, then platinum would be your best bet. Width – Men can choose from a variety of widths for their wedding band. Generally, they have the option of slim, medium or wide. To choose the right size, it is important to try on the different styles to find what best suits you. A wider ring will likely cost more because it uses more material than a slim ring. Design & Finish – Many different designs are available to choose from, including engraving and gemstone settings. Engraving is not very common among men’s rings, but custom-made rings are available as well. The type of stone setting you choose can also affect the price.  Gourmet diamonds and natural gemstones such as opal make excellent choices because their prices tend to be more affordable when compared to synthetic or lab-created materials. Men’s rings can come in a variety of finishes including high polish, matte, combination or hammered. High polish is the most common creating a smooth, glimmering finish. Matte is very popular today among modern men creating a less shiny effect. Combination is an in-between the high polish and matte. Lastly, the hammered ring is much more textured than any of the other finishes. Today, men are getting more creative with their wedding bands, and this is evident by the wide array of options available in the market to choose from. This ring will serve as an outward symbol of love, so it is important that you get something that you are comfortable wearing every day and one that reflects who you are as a person.

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